Smart Gallery Present A New Department Store, Lily & Mim!

When I first saw a tweet about Lily & Mim I thought oh god. But it soon dawned that it wasn't just another department store selling wares to footballers wives wannabes, its a store curated by John Walter! If you don't know who John is then check out some previous posts about him here

So with John at the helm who else is helping out? Well a damn fine selection of contemporary artists from around and the globe and a couple from Aberdeen! Grays graduates Natalie Kerr and Amber Robertson who've both worked with Smart in the past were given the chance to take on 2 stores with Natalie setting up The Souvenir Department and Amber taking on The Jumper Store. From London we have Jeremy Willett creating some beautiful work for the Florist shop, Benedict Drew working on The Department of Pitch & Rhythm and James & Elanor Avery from Australia create a very special Car Showroom. Completing the line up we have Chris Titmas and his VSS Shopping Channel and finally John Walter presents the department of Ritual Objects. Each department has its own specific product or theme much as you'd find in a normal department store.

The next question is where? Well that massive empty ex RGU Union building would be where. Through many months of negotiations, finally after almost 2 years since the initial idea was hatched it comes to be that Lily & Mim becomes a real life department store, if only for a few weeks. Combining the surreal and the sublime, the everyday and the incredible, Lily & Mim is unlike any other department store you will find in the North East! 

Check out some photos from the opening reception and be sure to like the facebook page to keep in the loop about special events which will be taking place over the next few weeks!

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