Real Nice Co @ Perth Art Gallery & Museum!

Perth, Scotland is a nice enough place, its a nice stopping point if your travelling to Glasgow or Edinburgh but there isn't that much there. So I suprised myself by jumping on a train and making Perth my destination but I had 5 pretty good reasons, Mike Hughes, Cosmic Nuggets, Emily Moore, Katie Shiach and baby Rory. 

Some how they convinced Perth Museum & Art Gallery to let them draw a giant mural on one of their walls and install some paintings and art work. And it looks great, amazing even. Katie, Mike & Emily make up part of Real Nice Co and they invited Cosmic Nuggets to add his touch to the mural. The mural itself is massive, stretching across the entire back wall, its a real beast and I'm amazed that Katie managed to finish her piece, being 8 1/2 months pregnant when they first put pen to wall. Each artist has put their own distinctive touch on the wall and it blends together like one big fluid panorama of surealness! 

Along with the mural Emily Moore also showed a selection of large and smaller scale pieces on wood panels. If you don't know Emily's work then get familiar, seriously talented artist who ill be doing a special post about real soon. Also Mike has shown a selection of new abstract paintings which hes been working on for the past few months, exploring shape, colour and depth, real nice indeed.

Sadly I think the show is down or is coming down soon but you can participate in a special screen printing work shop being run by Emily on the 28th, more info here. I've also taken some video footage so ill pop that up when its done. Awesome work guys and gals and congratulations to Katie who's little burger muncher entered the world not long after the mural was completed and hes just as amazing as his painting counterpart!k

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