MoC Radio Show # 1!

Its fair to say that since giving up the regular vinyl spinning slot at Sopranos I've really missed the chance to play out, especially since my record buying hasn't slowed down! So taking a healthy dose of inspiration from The Wab Lab I've decided to record a series of radio style shows where I can just play whatever I want. 

All the mixes will be archived on my Souncloud page (copyright Gods willing!) and my Mixcloud page, a link to which is located on the right of the screen. Along with my own selections I'm hoping to open the decks up to friends and local DJs who's can hopefuly bring a bit of variety and spice to the show. First guests will hopefuly include OTOH, Steven Milne of The Little Kicks and Yogi "Shoegazer" Duncan bringing a fresh selection of tunes for some gazed out vibes! 

As well as the audio mixes I've started working on some Audio Visual Experiments where ill be working with local DJs and producers to record special mixes and live sets with a special visual element, basically what I used to do for the DO IT! nights but from the comfort of my own home. Having such a swathe of talented friends it seems only right to help document what each of them is doing to make Aberdeen a cool place to be and also add in my own bit of flavour whether its recording some sounds or pumping out some tripped out visuals. Its taken a while to pull the finger out but thanks to people like Chris at The Wab Lab and the Tuff Wax guys I think I'm ready.

Have a listen to show # 1 below and keep an open mind and an open ear!

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