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MoC Radio Show # 1!

Its fair to say that since giving up the regular vinyl spinning slot at Sopranos I've really missed the chance to play out, especially since my record buying hasn't slowed down! So taking a healthy dose of inspiration from The Wab Lab I've decided to record a series of radio style shows where I can just play whatever I want. 

All the mixes will be archived on my Souncloud page (copyright Gods willing!) and my Mixcloud page, a link to which is located on the right of the screen. Along with my own selections I'm hoping to open the decks up to friends and local DJs who's can hopefuly bring a bit of variety and spice to the show. First guests will hopefuly include OTOH, Steven Milne of The Little Kicks and Yogi "Shoegazer" Duncan bringing a fresh selection of tunes for some gazed out vibes! 

As well as the audio mixes I've started working on some Audio Visual Experiments where ill be working with local DJs and producers to record special mixes and live sets…

Kaffe Fasset Colour Clash at Aberdeen Art Gallery!

Aberdeen Art Gallery has been doing something quite strange, its been opening its doors to the public after hours. The first event saw WW1 come to life through a series of activities and art pieces to help mark 100 years since the start of WW1, check out some snaps here.

So with an amazingly colourful exhibition of work from Kaffe Fasset on display it seems Colour Clash was a good name for the next event. While hoardes of people qued up to enter the depressing world of the Oktoberfest beer tent on Union Terrace a very different group of people qued to get into the Art Gallery for a special evening of colour and fun! A 30 minute wait in the brisk evening air was worth it as I have never seen the Art Gallery so buzzing and so alive. People of all ages milling about, admiring not just the Fasset exhibition but all the displays in the gallery. 

Along with the main exhibition the gallery had teamed up with The Tippling House to provide a selection of fine beverages, local DJs Grill Cosby and…

Tycho at The Art School, Glasgow!

A few months ago I discovered a new ear worm in the form of Tycho. Dive is one of those albums that floats along nicely and takes you on a little journey. I'd first heard about Tycho via his graphic design alias ISO50. The ever talented Stuart Simpson had one of his prints showing a bear walking across a kind of rainbow bridge, although it sounds like a hipster cliche it was actually quite a cool graphic which stuck in my brain.

So years later matching up the cool cover art of Tycho's Dive and Awake albums with that ISO50 print was serendipitous. I've been zoning out to Dive for a few months now and like with most new music I discover I got into a research mission which usually includes trying to see them live. Dublin a week after my birthday was on the cards but didn't happen for various reasons but soon after the Glasgow date was announced. In the meantime Tychos profile seem to get bigger week by week with some amazing singles and videos from the new album Awake doin…

A Visit to NUART Festival 2014!

After years of seeing the amazing murals dotted around Stavanger via blogs and magazines I decided it was time to make a trip over to see for myself what NuArt Festival was all about. 

The NuArt concept is a relatively simple one, secure big walls in public spaces and invite a host of graffiti and street artists to paint public murals combined with an indoor exhibition held at a local arts space. Simple in theory but I'm sure a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into each festival as they try to keep the artists involved at the cutting edge of both Street art and graffiti. Along with the artists a whole host of creative curios embark on their individual missions to get in on some of the Nuart action. 

The festival it seems has gone from strength to strength with videos and photos from previous years regularly doing the rounds and the out put from this years show has been just as prolific with Juxtapoz magazine sharing numerous articles from past and present, in fact it was through J…