'Unrecorded' by Jen Bradley @ Smart Gallery!

I've been having a bit of a break this month because sometimes its nice to step back a little. But in that time some great exhibitions have taken place and are almost over while some have yer to start, more on that later.

So if your itching for something to do this weekend then check out 'Unrecorded' by Grays graduate Jen Bradley. Combining found objects relating to people and places, primarily flats gives Jen's work an air of mystery. How often we walk past the hidden doors on Union Street, failing to realise above the commercial fronts lie thousands of flats, all occupied with mini soap operas unfolding behind every blind. Ok maybe its not that dramatic, maybe its just people watching the telly or cooking the supper. But Jen's works, especially the buzzers seem to hark back to a different time, evoking a sense of nostalgia for some long lost tenament life. You want to press the buttons on her cast works and find out if there's anyone waiting on the other side, a strange sensation when you know there isn't.

"Jen Bradley endeavours to illuminate the disregarded, she borrows the method of the archivist and archaeologist when attempting to decipher, categorise and evaluate found material. Jen captures remnants of a fleeting existence, remnants of a life once lived, questioning where history exists if it is not recorded?"

Certainly a very interesting concept and one which Jen has pulled off with the greatest of skill. You can see the results of her findings at Smart Gallery until the 3rd of August! 

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