The Devils Toy - Redux!

While scanning through the hundreds of skateboard related posts on facebook one title stood out, The Devils Toy. Further investigation revealed some major skateboard film history in the form of a film from 1966 which documents the exploits of a group of teenage skates in Montreal. The film is considered a bit of a classic, showing the speed and skill of the skaters but also the still true reality of skateboarding, the face off with the law!

The films description still stands 50 odd years later "It was frowned upon by the constabulary and disapproving adults, but the skateboard gave the youngsters who mastered its technique a thrilling sensation of speed unexcelled by any other pavement sport. Filmed in 1966 on Montréal streets before the elongated roller skate was banned, this film captures the exuberance of boys and girls having the time of their lives in free-wheeling downhill locomotion." Even for my own first experience of a clay wheeled skateboard back in the late 80's I can testify to the thrill of cruising down even the smallest of hills, the slam at the end was worth it as it only took that one ride to get me hooked, although it would be some time before another board would materialise in my home!

And so 50 odd years after The Devils Toy was filmed a new set of deviants have taken up the mantle, re visiting the classic film and also adding their own redux versions this time from locations across the globe and from notable film makers with in the skateboarding community. We have edits from Lyon by French Fred, New York by Steve Durand and revisit to the original city Montreal by Myriam Verreault along with a host of edits. 

You can check out the original 1966 film below along with Victoriaville, Vancouver, Athens edits. Ill post more as the weeks roll on. Roll Forever!

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