CS Buchan & Indian Red Lopez Split 7" Out Now!

I've always believed in the power of collaboration whether its in artistic pursuits or otherwise and the debut vinyl release from Fitlike Records is all about the collabs! Fitlike is the brainchild of Charley Buchan, also know as CS Buchan which looks to work with local musicians and bands, recording, producing and releasing music from the North East.

The debut release is a rather nice double A side 7" which feature a track from C.S. Buchan and Peterheads Indian Red Lopez."Leave It All Behind" has been my personal highlight from Material Others, a rather remarkable album released last November (read about the album launch here) which I've had on repeat ever since. A big part of its appeal is the incredible vocals from Best Girl Athlete aka Katie Buchan who's voice is imbued with an emotional depth that's unlike anything else you will hear at the moment. The song itself is a cathartic ride dealing with failed relationships and moving forward with a clear view, deep!

The flip side features another deep cut from Indian Red Lopez also featuring Katie Buchan on guest vocals and is another big track both in its scope and production, a definite highlight from their new album 'Commit' which is available here. Being able to sit down and let the needle find the groove before it kicks in just adds to the grandness of 'Any Given City' and its soaring sonic soundscapes.

The release is an exercise in collaboration as both tracks feature guest vocals from Best Girl Athlete along with collaborative artwork produced by Steve Murrison and Mike Chang from IRL. The Fitlike logo, available on super collectable tote bags along with the vinyl here was designed by the very talented Gabi Reith and the final collaboration comes in the form of a video filmed (at Peacock Visual Arts) and edited by myself based on a shadow concept by Charley. You'd imagine after listening to the track so much during the editing I'd be bored of it but I cant get enough of both tracks.

Hopefully its only the beginning of a beautiful working relationship between myself and Fitlike and there will be some interesting videos documenting the project coming in the near future. Fit Like? Aye, nae bad, yersel?

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