Offset57 x Real Nice Collective Present 'Flagship # 1' @ Brewdog Aberdeen!

The lovely folks at Offset57 have teamed up with local illustration collective Real Nice Collective and Brewdog to bring you an evening of live painting, prints and beer! Over the course of the evening artist's Katie Shiach and Mike Hughes consumed vast quantities of alcohol to help them power on and complete the rather stunning mural you see below.

Curated by Nicola from Offest57 the event also saw prints being sold by various Offset57 contributors, taking the Offset pop up shop to a new level! Its cool to see another live mural being created and to see the support for such events from Brewdog, bringing cool people together in a cool space to create something cool? The previous mural night curated by WLD WLVS was also a big hit and as this is 'Flagship #1' I can only assume there will be more to follow! I just hope I'm not sitting on a train as I was for this one, I would even bring along some records to help spur the artists on and inspire them, everybody loves Marvin Gaye right?

If your in Aberdeen then pop along to the Brewdog bar and see for yourself or check out the photos and video below. To find out more follow the links to Offset57 and Real Nice Collective, bringing some much needed colour to Aberdeen for sure!

Brewdog x Offset57 from Offset57 on Vimeo.

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