Candy for the Eyes & Ears 21! Ciredz & Lusine!

Been a while since I posted some recommended listening and viewing so here's a couple of things which have definitely give me a good vibe. First up the public murals of Ciredz. Blending colours and shapes to create 3D works which are quite simple in appearance but seem to hint at bigger things. I saw Ciredz working away while I was in London in February and it was great to see the tip of a roller bobbing up and down as he filled out the waveforms over the green plinth (see final image). You can find out more about Ciredz here.

A good friend played me this album, a few years ago now but its one that I always find myself coming back to. A Certain Distance by Lusine is a perfect example of electronic music with a soul, akin to Boards of Canada but with a lighter melodic vibe. Mixing laid back tunes with some amazing vocals from Vilja Larjosto helps make A Certain Distance a record that breaches boundaries, its dance music, its pop music and its ambient at the same time. Perfect for sitting out whittling wood in my shed too! Check out Lusines back catalogue here and if you wanna try and get a copy of A Certain Distance on vinyl then add your name to the Beat Delete page, only another 94 and I can enjoy this in all its vinyl glory!


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