The Last Stand by Marc Wilson @ Peacock Visual Arts!

So along with the wonderful Preserve Print show Peacocks also have a great exhibition in the main gallery with photographs by Marc Wilson. Marc has spent the last 4 years documenting a huge part of our war time history in the shape of the concrete bunkers, towers and barracks which now sit like forgotten monuments to a by gone age. 'The Last Stand' is an apt name for this body of work as many of the sites are falling into the sea, soon to be buried and lost forever which seems quite sad when you think about the purpose of these buildings.

Even along our own unique stretch of coast line you will find the distinctive pill boxes, slowly descending into sandy graves along the Don Mouth and the heavy anti tank concrete blocks, protecting against land invasion from abroad are left unprotected from their own environment. Thankfully Marc has taken on the task of documenting as many sites as he can both in Britain and abroad. The selection of his photos show a uniform approach to his subject matter although the landscapes and surroundings vary the subject is kept sharply in focus. There's a stillness to each image that counteracts the life which once rushed through these concrete dens, full of young men eager to fight for their countries, to even die for their countries! 

Its stunning to see what remains of the forts in Normandy and compare and contrast to our own sites like Loch Ewe with its huts left to weather with the elements, their only inhabitants being the sheep whom now protect the land or the barren concrete pillars in the Shetland isles. There's a hell of a lot of history that is sadly being lost for many reasons, especially in this disposable age where real war hasn't touched British soil since WW2 but its great that someone like Marc is helping to document and preserve these sites. My own pics of the show really don't do Marc's work any justice so I highly recommend making your way down to Peacocks to see them up close, you can also purchase copies of the prints in varying sizes. The Last Stand will be on show until the 10th of May.                     .

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