'The Great Tapestry of Scotland' @ Aberdeen Art Gallery!

If 65,000 hours worth of work created using over 300 miles of wool documenting 420 million years of Scottish history spread across 160 panels sounds appealing then you might want to nip along to Aberdeen Art Gallery!

Latest exhibition 'The Great Tapestry of Scotland' is on display for all to marvel at and marvel you will! From the early days when Scotland was nothing more than a slab of rock through the med-evil times to the industrial revolution, the canals and shipping, the battle of Bannock burn right up to the imminent Scottish Independence referendum its all carefully document across the 160 panels which make up the tapestry. Each panel depicts specific events or persons whom contributed to Scotland's incredibly rich history, showing how inventive and creative a nation we had and will hopefully continue to nurture if we gain indiependence! Yep, I will be voting yes as I believe we have a great country with a lot to offer, you just have to look at our history to see that.

The project involved stitchers from across the land grouping together to work on individual panels making the tapestry not only one of the biggest ever made but also one of the biggest community arts projects ever undertaken in Scotland! The full list of stitchers can be seen here. Initiated by author Alexander McCall Smith, the project has taken 2 years to complete and is a remarkable piece of work with many insightful facts, each rendered in careful stitches.

The tapestry is travelling across the country for all to see and will be in Aberdeen Art Gallery until the 19th of April so make sure you see it. Just don't bring a can of juice in with you or else you will be made to leave at the reception, I made this mistake once and never again!