Beyond the Square - Instagrams of the Week!

I think most people have an instagram account now and although its a great app its starting to suffer from the same problems which make Facebook so annoying, constant selfies, photos of your dinner and the usual self myth making photos that are supposed to make us feel envious. In Stu & Shelly's case this is true, I am super jealous of their amazing trip to Japan and its a delight to share in it with them, the robot restaurant being a highlight so far!

I go through quite a love hate relationship with social media often ascribing narcisistic tendencies to every one and anyone but usually this is not the case. Sometimes people just like to share what they're doing, where they've been and how they got there. Artists, makers, tattooists, graffiti writers, travelers and friends all make up the range of people I follow and enjoy up dates from. So instead of sitting in my hermit hole bemoaning about it I'm going to embrace it by sharing a selection of snaps and videos from the past few weeks which have inspired me and give a glimpse of whats going on in Aberdeen and beyond!

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