Tuff Trax from Tuff Wax - Free Downloads!

The guys behind Tuff Wax Records have been giving away free music downloads from across their roster along with some special guest remixs and edits. From humble begginings to slots on the Boiler Room, Tuff Wax have slowly been pushing Aberdeen's underground music scene into the spotlight. Although not the first group to do big things they're certainly the most consistent with their out put to date. 

Main man Lockah has been featured across the blogoshpere for his productions and April see's the release of his first full length effort "Yahoo or the Highway" via Brighton's Donky Pitch label. Bones and Money from humble begginings at Cellar 35 to curating monthly club night Acid Thunder have gone from strength to strength and Zubuntu has taken on the mantle of parties for the people with his consistently good Bake Haus nights, named in tribute to another Aberdeen music pioneer Offshore aka Euan Robertson (RIP).

Having a label like Tuff Wax has been quite inspirational for Aberdeen with people like Patty founding his own Needa Records and also pushing other local producers like JERC and Home Alone to hone their skills and push their music into the wider world. If you wanna cop a copy of the Tuff Trax all you have to do is click the little download icon on the soundcloud player below and all your musical dreams will come true!

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