The Where, The Why and The How!

While jumping from link to link on the internet I came across this interesting book on Brain Pickings blog. The Where, The Why and The How teams up incredible artists with scientific explanations and theories for some of life biggest and smallest mysteries. But mysteries they remain as the 75 topics covered in the book cannot be proven, like what is dark matter? what is the origin of the moon? or where did life come from? 

However some of the greatest scientific minds have attempted to answer these questions and many more combined with theories and ideas. As the books introduction states finding the answer is great but the moments of wonder when your at a loss is even better! With this in mind it gave the selected artists a chance to flex their creative muscle with an almost open brief. A mixture of well know and up and coming artists were selected for the project including Josh Cochran, Ben Finer, Ana Benaroya, Lauren Nassef, Marc Bell, Issac Tobin, Harry Campbell, Micah Lidberg, Jon Klassen, Mattias Adolfsson, Lotta Nieminen, Stacey Rozich, Edie Fake and Jeremy Ville to name just a few! The book is a beautiful marriage of design, art and science and is pretty reasonably priced too so pick up a copy if you can and enjoy the wonder of the unknown!         


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