Smart Gallery Present Glasshouse Contemporary Art, Design & Craft Fair!

This Saturday brings new twist to the Foxlane Garden Center out in Westhills with Glasshouse Contemporary Art, Design & Craft Fair turning the giant green house into the airiest fair in Scotland! Smart Gallery have worked hard to bring you something a bit different having already hosted the Tea Cosy Craft Fairs for the past 4 years this is a step in a new direction with artists making up part of the team. 

The fair opens on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd of March and you can jump on one of the creative coaches which will be shuttling people to the fair from the Subsea7 Corridor to the fair, you can check bus times here. The two buses have been customised by International Textile Designer Donna Wilson and by members of the business and resedential community of Westhill with a little help from Anne Marquiss, Gabrielle Reith & Philip Thompson. I think it'll be worth it just to see the buses!

And what can you expect when you get to Foxlane? Only some of the best artists, designers, makers and crafters in Scotland. As with Tea Cosy stall holders are hand picked by the Smart team to bring you a diverse and interesting mix of makers each with their own unique style and medium. Some old Tea Cosy favourites like A Wooden Tree will be on hand with unique Stag Head designs along with a host of others, too many to get into here so make sure you jump onto one of the creative coaches and check it out!

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