Needa Records LUV JAM ' BLYP' EP Launch Party!

Needa Records are stepping up their game and bringing you a nice slice of techno. Teaming up with House of House the Aberdeen label will be releasing LUV JAM's 'BLYP' EP on Saturday down at Sopranos Wine Bar. 

With the closure of Snafu a new venue was required and House of House have stepped into the breach and will curate a weekend of electronic music at Sopranos with HoH x Occupy Sanfu on Friday and the Needa Records x LUV JAM Launch Party on Saturday. Needa Records is helmed by Patty who's been chipping away at the Aberdeen club scene for a few years now, first with his Everything Else Sucks nights and Krazzy Martin Presents parties. Patty has been honing his own DJ skills along the way and has become quite an accomplished DJ and sights working at Snafu as being a big influence, giving him entry into the dance music world and inspiring him to set up the label.

You can check out some snippets from the LUV JAM EP below along with some of his dreamy mixes here and pick up a hard copy on vinyl on Saturday so be sure to check out Sopranos this weekend, Snafu might have closed but the party rages on!

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