'Heal The World' by Ade Adesina @ RGU Business School!

If your not familiar with Ade's work then check out this piece about his Degree Show and residency here. Ade's new show 'Heal The World' is a mixture of his older work and new prints which explore World issues such as climate change and energy fears. Being based in Aberdeen has given Ade a pretty good insight into the energy industry and the new renewable energy movement with Aberdeen looking to be at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

The new work sits right along side Ade's older prints, all carved with his distinctive hand style and containing an unbelievable level of detail. The juxtaposition of elements again is a big feature with oil rigs sprouting trees and wind turbines dotting the horizons but also the cultural mele of native African palms with highland cows brings a unique aspect to Ade's work. Along with his stunning print works hes applied his hand at sculpture hand carving some tree turbines, its almost like they jumped out of his prints. It takes great skill to pick the elements that make up Ade's work without being contrived or twee, each piece is perfectly balanced. But its in real life and up close that you will fully appreciate Ade's work so I suggest you make your way over to RGU's Business School and head into the old Georgina Scott Sutherland Library for a look, its worth it. 

Check out more of Ade's work on his facebook page, check out his other shows at Woodend Barn which runs til the end of March and up at ARI hospital until the 9th of May, hes been busy not to mention becoming a dad!

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