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'Heal The World' by Ade Adesina @ RGU Business School!

If your not familiar with Ade's work then check out this piece about his Degree Show and residency here. Ade's new show 'Heal The World' is a mixture of his older work and new prints which explore World issues such as climate change and energy fears. Being based in Aberdeen has given Ade a pretty good insight into the energy industry and the new renewable energy movement with Aberdeen looking to be at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

The new work sits right along side Ade's older prints, all carved with his distinctive hand style and containing an unbelievable level of detail. The juxtaposition of elements again is a big feature with oil rigs sprouting trees and wind turbines dotting the horizons but also the cultural mele of native African palms with highland cows brings a unique aspect to Ade's work. Along with his stunning print works hes applied his hand at sculpture hand carving some tree turbines, its almost like they jumped out of his prints.…

Smart Gallery Present Glasshouse Contemporary Art, Design & Craft Fair!

This Saturday brings new twist to the Foxlane Garden Center out in Westhills with Glasshouse Contemporary Art, Design & Craft Fair turning the giant green house into the airiest fair in Scotland! Smart Gallery have worked hard to bring you something a bit different having already hosted the Tea Cosy Craft Fairs for the past 4 years this is a step in a new direction with artists making up part of the team. 

The fair opens on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd of March and you can jump on one of the creative coaches which will be shuttling people to the fair from the Subsea7 Corridor to the fair, you can check bus times here. The two buses have been customised by International Textile Designer Donna Wilson and by members of the business and resedential community of Westhill with a little help from Anne Marquiss, Gabrielle Reith & Philip Thompson. I think it'll be worth it just to see the buses!

And what can you expect when you get to Foxlane? Only some of the best artists, design…

The Where, The Why and The How!

While jumping from link to link on the internet I came across this interesting book on Brain Pickings blog. The Where, The Why and The How teams up incredible artists with scientific explanations and theories for some of life biggest and smallest mysteries. But mysteries they remain as the 75 topics covered in the book cannot be proven, like what is dark matter? what is the origin of the moon? or where did life come from? 

However some of the greatest scientific minds have attempted to answer these questions and many more combined with theories and ideas. As the books introduction states finding the answer is great but the moments of wonder when your at a loss is even better! With this in mind it gave the selected artists a chance to flex their creative muscle with an almost open brief. A mixture of well know and up and coming artists were selected for the project including Josh Cochran, Ben Finer, Ana Benaroya, Lauren Nassef, Marc Bell, Issac Tobin, Harry Campbell, Micah Lidberg, Jon …

National Theatre 'SETS' @ Smart Gallery!

A bit gutted that I missed this show as I've always had a love for the minature, especially the architecture models which litter the tables at the Scott Sutherland School. 'SETS' showcased scale models produced for The National Theatre of Scotland, designs which would later be scaled up to real size and used for their unique stage show productions. No details are overlooked from brick walls to furniture and even the actors themselves being represented, helping to give a sense of what the final stage might look like.

Not all of the 'SETS' shown made it to the big stage, as with any prototyping exercises changes are made, ideas are revised and things sometimes deviate into new and interesting places. Some of the models below were made for A Christmas Carol, A Doll's House, An Appointment with the Wickerman, In Time O' Strife, Macbeth, My Shrinking Life & The Miracle Man to name a few. The Wickerman model in particular looks cool and its amazing to see…

'Ah Dinna Ken' - An Aberdeen Skateboarding Video!

Scene videos go hand in hand with skateboarding. Since the dawn of the home video camera kids have been documenting their skateboarding exploits leading to scene videos from across the globe. Companies also realised this was a great way to promote their products and quickly set about filming their pros tearing up the streets. Ask any skater what their favourite skate video is and they'll rattle off a list of titles which will make no sense to you, Mouse, Blind Video Days, Public Domain, The Search for Animal Chin and H'Min Bam to name a few would be considered classics of the genre, H'Min Bam being a scene video covering the Scottish skate scene from the mid 2000's.

And the time has come for someone to make a new video about the Aberdeen skate scene and thankfully Campbell stepped up. Its no easy feat to produce a good scene video, especially somewhere like Aberdeen with the unpredictable weather and the death of Broad Street (RIP). But skating isn't about the weat…

Big Poppa Lockah, The Story So Far......

It seems like Aberdeen producer Lockah came out of nowhere and has suddenly started playing hip clubs in Brighton and making appearances on Boiler Room but its actually been years of hard work both for him and his boutique label Tuff Wax

With debut full length album "Yahoo or the Highway" dropping in April it seems like a good time to take a look back at Lockah's impressive output so far. So here's everything Lockah has released in chronological order from Tuff Wax to remixes and guest mixes, the whole shebang in one concise blog post!

So first up the Aberdeen Truth 7" Series with Mr Wizard. A low rumbling track of finger clickcing beats and air raid sirens, complete with some trademark screwed up synth. B sides Choppy Cands and Tonkl Fongrs are worth a listen as well, more hip hop influenced. You can buy the vinyl or download here.

I think the first time I heard about Lockah proper after his bootleg of Lana Del Rays 'Video Games' went viral and brought a…

The Little Kicks - Put Your Love In Front Of Me!

Very few local bands have taken their craft to the level of The Little Kicks and their one off warehouse album launch last year was testament to that. Bringing together all their friends in a unique space to celebrate the launch of an album that they've put some sweat into must have been quite satisfying. Even more satisfying was being in the audience listening to the new tunes and seeing the band play a blinder of a gig. You can check out some photos from the night here.

My only gripe is that Aberdeen audiences don't fully appreciate how great a band they are. I would have loved to see them playing on one of their many European dates last year, just check out their Rockstone Session and especially with Steve Bruce in tow on sound and driving duties.

Put Your Love In Front Of Me is a step forward and a step in a good direction bringing in more disco grooves and a little nod to Donna Summer with that distinctive synth on Heartbreak Pt 1. Lead single 'Girl' was like a sl…

Needa Records LUV JAM ' BLYP' EP Launch Party!

Needa Records are stepping up their game and bringing you a nice slice of techno. Teaming up with House of House the Aberdeen label will be releasing LUV JAM's 'BLYP' EP on Saturday down at Sopranos Wine Bar. 

With the closure of Snafu a new venue was required and House of House have stepped into the breach and will curate a weekend of electronic music at Sopranos with HoH x Occupy Sanfu on Friday and the Needa Records x LUV JAM Launch Party on Saturday. Needa Records is helmed by Patty who's been chipping away at the Aberdeen club scene for a few years now, first with his Everything Else Sucks nights and Krazzy Martin Presents parties. Patty has been honing his own DJ skills along the way and has become quite an accomplished DJ and sights working at Snafu as being a big influence, giving him entry into the dance music world and inspiring him to set up the label.

You can check out some snippets from the LUV JAM EP below along with some of his dreamy mixes here and pick u…

The Bake Haus Compilation by Try Industries!

Try Industries have been responsible for some fine threads and tees over the past couple of years but whats that, you haven't heard of em? Well I wouldn't want to shed too much light on things but you can check out some of their wares in the shop here.  

In a collaboration with Bake Haus they bring you the Bake Haus Compilation, a gathering of tracks from artists and producers who have graced the Bake Haus stage and some who will be appearing at future events. Get some exclusive tracks from Grobbie, otoh, Tiltmode and the nights founders Zubuntu and¥oin. At a time when bands are regurgitating and pulling from the past its the electronic producers, the underground kids who are pushing music and sound forward. Not coming from a dance or electronic music background I hear these songs and its like hearing a synthesizer for the first time, sharp and crisp, pitched up vocals and rhythms that make you wanna move. Its incredible to think most of these tracks have been created with noth…

Original Pirate Material - The Wab Lab Radio Experiments!

The Wab Lab Radioshow is the brainchild of DJ extraodinaire Kid Proquo. Rather than waffle a load of guff about it here's the whats, who's and whys....

"The Wab Lab Radio Show - A rough around the edges sound experiment. All in good fun, with good tunes and a good vibe. Broadcasting out is the new staying in...

The Wab Lab is an Aberdeen based experimental internet radio station created in honour of good friends and good times from original Wab Lab recordings. Sometimes it works... Sometimes, not so much. But in amongst the madness there's moments of pure genius and always a vibe of fun and love for the music from all our laboratory technicians.

Expect live jams, DJ sets and MCing from local friends and UK wide artists consisting of everything from Dub/Reggae Hip-hop, Bass, Trap, Funk, Soul, and Down-tempo right out to Dubstep, Jungle, Dnb, House (deep, tech, funky, acid, jackin'), Minimal, Techno and even doses of good ol' metal.

Also local live bands o…

Let It Bleed - Sound and Visions from the Archive!

For the past 4 or 5 years I've been tasked with providing a range of visual aides to the Let It Bleed club nights with a massive selection of special guest DJs and local legends, Giles in particular being a DJ whom can play to almost any crowd and get everyone up dancing. 

As with any thing you care about I try to put in a lot of time and energy into making up visuals. Taking the time to transfer old films, cutting up logos and making original visuals is a pretty time consuming task. Even the methods by which I show the visuals is hands on, a non digital approach in an age of digital ease but this stops me getting bored. Seeing that Care Bears clip synch up perfectly with a techno hit is magical, also being able to let the crowd know who is behind the decks is handy as when the smoke machines are pumping and the lights are buzzing it could be anybody up there! After a while you figure out visuals that work and build up a set of sorts like a dj you have to keep adding to it and impr…

Indian Red Lopez - New Album & Tour Dates!

IndianRedLopez have been pretty quiet over the last 6 months as they worked on new material for the follow up to their 2011 debut "Open Your Lungs & Breathe". Its a debut that certainly caught peoples attention with its interesting song structures, lyrical depth and their multi-sensory live shows.

So what can you expect from its follow up? 

"IndianRedLopez make a welcome return with their second full-length record, Commit, due for release on 17th March 2014 via Cease:Stop Records. This latest offering follows up their excellent debut album, Empty Your Lungs And Breathe, which made waves online gaining coverage on the likes of Rock Sound, Drowned in Sound, The Skinny, The 405 and Artrocker and saw the band named Best Electronic Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

Commit immediately evokes feelings of a band who have grown leaps and bounds since their debut album. This record offers an endless depth - a depth which showcases the work of a band who are firmly co…

'Sound in Print' by VAVA Records!

Sound in Print is the brainchild of DJ A La Fu. Teaming up musicians and producers from his VaVa Records roster with a selection of hand picked artists the project is a perfect example of worlds colliding. Art x Music / Music x Print = Sound in Print!

The first Sound in Print release comes from A La Fu and long time collaborator Remi Rough. "I'll Drive You Pray" is an interesting listen with a darker soundscape made up from many layers, the opposite of the E.P.s artwork which features some fine line and abstract work by Rough. You can check out lead track "Boom for Real" on the VaVa youtube channel along with a special edit of "No Fun in Funding" which takes on a dreamier quality when paired up with the visuals of Might Mention. Sound in Print is a multifaceted approach to not just music but art. Music, print, video and technology collide in this project, individually strong, combined they each take it to the next level. 

This first in the series has so…

Tuff Trax from Tuff Wax - Free Downloads!

The guys behind Tuff Wax Records have been giving away free music downloads from across their roster along with some special guest remixs and edits. From humble begginings to slots on the Boiler Room, Tuff Wax have slowly been pushing Aberdeen's underground music scene into the spotlight. Although not the first group to do big things they're certainly the most consistent with their out put to date. 

Main man Lockah has been featured across the blogoshpere for his productions and April see's the release of his first full length effort "Yahoo or the Highway" via Brighton's Donky Pitch label. Bones and Money from humble begginings at Cellar 35 to curating monthly club night Acid Thunder have gone from strength to strength and Zubuntu has taken on the mantle of parties for the people with his consistently good Bake Haus nights, named in tribute to another Aberdeen music pioneer Offshore aka Euan Robertson (RIP).

Having a label like Tuff Wax has been quite inspi…

Monday Mixtape # 27 - 6 Degress of the North Beast Mixtape!

So in a slight change of tact I've decided to dedicate this week to music related posts. Mixtapes, albums, producers and gigs all with an Aberdeen flavour will be covered including last years effort from The Little Kicks, some interesting music meets art from A La Fu and the new Indian Red Lopez album! But as its Monday we might as well blow away the dust from the weekend and settle in for something special from DJ Cut and Waste. A mixtape created especially for the Lopez album launch curated by WLD WLVS and held at 6 Degrees North which saw punters kick back silent disco style to this eclectic mix before being treated to the first listen of "Commit" which see's a proper release on the 17th March. More on that later in the week so enjoy this North Beast in the meantime!

WLDWLVS X Cut and Waste Present: 6 Degrees of the North Beast by Wldwlvs on Mixcloud