London - Part 2!

Day 2 in London begins with a warm shower. A brief altercation with Dave's boiler yesterday almost resulted in cold showers all round but thankfully I managed to resolve the situation without anyone getting hurt. I tried to get up and out early to make the most of the day and had a long walk from Whitechapel to the Tate Modern. For all the times I've been in London this is my first trip to Tate and its was worth the 4 mile trek in the rain! Along the way I found a pop up exhibition of RNLI (Lifeboats) photos. The RNLI provide a pretty valuable service and save countless lives every year so I took a bit of time to check out the images on display and they were all stunning. You can check out more about the project and the RNLI here.

Eventually I came to the galley and the size of Tate Modern is almost intimidating both inside and out. The inner atrium is probably one of the biggest indoor open spaces I have been to, its incredible to think of the machinery that once occupied the space. I could probably fill about 10 blog posts with information about the cool work I saw but that might get a bit boring so instead you can check out the photos and images below. Certainly the Russian Communism posters looked amazing all hung together, I have a new found love for detailed figures and red blocks of colour!

Jannis Kounellis - Untitled 1979

Leon Golub - Vietnam 2
Magda Cordel
Dan Flavin - Monument
William Eggleston - Chromes
Gerhard Richter - The Cage Paintings
It would be easy to spend a whole day in Tate Modern but eventually I needed to see day light and ventured outside again into the rain. But this did lead me to find more art by Remed whom I'd previously featured on the blog for his amazing abstract graffiti. 

We ventured out to Camden for the second Moderat gig at London's Koko venue. A stunning venue for the gig and the stage set up was brilliant with long time collaborators Pfadfinderei providing visuals on a 4 screen cross over back drop which added a bit of depth to the visuals. Sonically Moderat float between heartfelt electronics and pure techno bangers, A New Error had an amazing effect on the crowd with its surging bass lines sending everyone into a frenzy but slow burners like Let In The Light brought things down a little giving everyone a chance to catch their breath. Bad Kingdom also seemed to unite the crowd in a chorus of "This is not, what you waaaaaaaaanted". Definitely worth the 4 month wait and any gigs that get me out of Aberdeen are a bonus, just another day in the big smoke!

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