Glasgow & London - Part 1!

So the first trip of 2014 brought me down to the big smoke for a week of walking around Shoreditch looking at art and going to see amazing bands. But I didn't need to come all the way to London for that. My first stop was Glasgow where I got to see the French band Phoenix blow the crowd away in the Barrowlands. If your not familiar with their work they wrote the catchy life affirming "Too Young" which feature in Sophia Coppola's "Lost In Translation". Phoenix were introduced to me by a good friend and quickly became a summer time favourite but their music goes beyond the usual indie fare as evidenced by the mixed crowd in attendance at the gig. 

Their music seemed to have this weird effect on everyone, not a single person was able to stand still instead choosing to gyrate and groove along to the music. Songs from recent album Bankrupt! went down well but classic's from Wolfgang Amadeus really got everyone excited, especially the epic rendition of Love Like A Sunset and the stripped back encore of Countdown, just a shame about the noisey twats behind me who seemed more interested in playing with my hair and touching my shirt while screeching like 12 year old girls. Why would you pay $20 to be an asshole at a gig? Phoenix were great regardless and the singers crowd walk at the end showed real balls and trust, especially when he got crowd surfed back to the stage. If you get a chance to go see them then take it, you won't regret it.

After a few hours of travelling and reading the Skinny I came to be in London. The reason for the trip is to see Moderat who postponed their world tour after Sacha Ring broke his leg in a bike crash last October. Finally back on track the Moderat tour rolls into London and seems like the perfect place to catch them. But before that I had time for a walk around Brick Lane, London's hipster central and also a bit of a street art mecca. 

First port of call was the Stolenspace Gallery who have a new show by French stencil master C215. I first saw C215s work in Barcelona a few years back and it piqued my interest then and its just gone from strength to strength as evidenced by his instagram account where you can see his work spread across the globe. Hooked blog have some great photos and info about the show. Sadly he was out of town again, was hoping he might be up for doing my portrait but I was told about another show worth checking out by Phlegm.

I'd seen a few pics pop up on Hooked blog and like some of Phlegms past work but the installation was literally popping off the walls! The photo's dont really do it justice, truelly one of the coolest art shows I've seen in the flesh and it feature some subtle collabs with some of the big names in street art including Invader, Sweet Toof and Banksy, I have to say I was tempted to pull it off the wall and make my millions but it would have been a shame to ruin the show so instead I took a photo on my phone. You can see more pics here once I do the post!

One thing I have come to realise walking about Brick Lane is that for every great piece of art or graffiti there's a hundred shit and boring rip offs, usually right next to it or sometimes over the top of it. The fight for space and fame along Brick Lane can be pretty cringey. But least nobody's leaving love padlocks around the streets, or at least I hope they're not! Damn.

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