WLD WLVS Present #SEENINTHEDEEN @ Peacock Visual Arts!

WLD WLVS recently curated an exhibition at Peacock Visual Arts but it was a show with a difference, it used a hast tag to automatically submit work. These digital works were filtered onto screens using a special instagram hash tag #SEENINTHEDEEN which Wild Wolves have been using for a while. Along with the digital side the guys also brought together a selection of local, national and international artists who work in bold graphics and typography to form the main part of the exhibition which covered the reception area and gallery at Peacocks!

Ill say this now, I don't like hast tags. I've never really seen the point in them except to group together a large body of penis drawings, which may or may not have some merit. But, #SEENINTHEDEEN did dispel some of my cynicism as it made people pay attention to their surroundings, looking deeper into those unloved spaces where graffiti normally lies untouched, brought it to the forefront and I think a few people developed an appreciation for the amazing architecture we have in Aberdeen. And then the penis pics started. But I guess its the same with any public platform.

The print side of the show though was rather impressive with works from John MacKenzie, Akiro, Brian Ross, The Coiner Shop, my personal favourite at the mo Conzo Throb, Mike Giant, Raymond Pettibon and Adam Bridgeland who's 8 print set looked brilliant on the back wall and whole load more! Sadly by the time I got round to taking some snaps some of the work had been sold, those SOLD signs are not part of the show, least I don't think they are. Also today was the final day so if you were planning a visit, well you've had over a month so too late! But if you felt inclined you can purchase a #SEENINTHEDEEN t shirt from the WLD WLVS Shop and as far as I know the hash tag is free to use so maybe if you see something worth sharing you can tag it for all to see!

Anyway its nice to see something different with good local input and the show was put together in a matter of weeks, no small feat so big ups to Neil at WLD WLVS for the efforts, you might even have made a hash tag convert out of me!

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