CS Buchan "Material Others" Album Launch!

CS Buchan is the musical project of one Charley Buchan. Hailing from lands not too distant from Aberdeen, Charley is something of a novelty. Not because of his broad accent or his scented beard but because of the quality of his music. Charley works with a host of players from all over the local music scene. The standard is incredibly high and it comes across whether its the subtle beats from Scott (Indian Red Lopez) or the rather incredible tones of his teenage daughter. Its hard to pick out any favourites as the whole album is brilliant.

Material Others is the kind of album that sucks you in and one play isn't enough. There's a lot of different things going on from track to track with traditional folk tracks paired with almost Beatleseque medleys which took me by suprise. Material Other's seem to be more than an album but a full on project which thrives on collaborations both musically and artistically, local wizard Steve Murison (see a previous post about Steve here) contributed artwork to the project and a whole host of people were brought together for the album launch which took place in the Society of Advocates Library in Aberdeen's Town House. 

When every decent venue has been played to death Charley looked for something out of the norm and came up trumps with a stunning venue which was made even better with his revolving live show. Every song saw more people join the stage while the small crowd sat in awe of their surroundings. The only thing missing was a decent photographer but I did manage to find one shot (see below) of the CS Buchan experience in full swing. 

And not one to rest Charley is already planning his next live gig in another unusual venue aswell as completing a new album andstarting his own label, Fit Like Records! Anyway you can stream Material Others below and click through to a whole load more CS Buchan material and if your inclined purchase it from iTunes or pick up a CD copy complete with artwork card by Steve Murison and be sure to like the CS Buchan facebook page to keep in the loop!

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