'Beyond the Haar' by Mark Bremner Film Screening!

'Beyond he Haar' is the debut feature length film from Mark Bremner. Exploring the many perceptions of Aberdeen and also looking at some hard truths, 'Beyond the Haar is both a visual poem and a eulogy to the city of Aberdeen'. 

I've had my own love hate relationship with Aberdeen and especially with the creative sector, often seeing what others cities have and feeling short changed by our own councils efforts and those of Scottish Arts funding bodies but are we really any worse off or do our creatives lack the drive to get things going? I think its a bit of both but as I've said before there's a lot of good people doing good things

And 'Beyond the Haar' wants to look beyond the immediate idea of Aberdeen and looks to our fine cities past and how we've come to be the "Granite City" with a bus that links one of the wealthiest places in Britain to one of the poorest in Aberdeen, if you haven't seen the no 19 Platinium service video then prepare yourselves for a laugh! "The film mixes both archive and new footage shot on DSLR with vintage lens to tell the unique hidden story of a city often misaligned in the public's perception. It comes at a time when Aberdeen and it's role as the home for North Sea oil will play a major factor in next years independence referendum for the future of Scotland."
Certainly 'Beyond the Haar' is going to throw up some interesting insights into life in Aberdeen both past and present and might even give an insight into the cities future! You can catch 'Beyond the Haar' at The Belmont Cinema on Thursday 13th February, ticket info here.

beyond the haar trailer1 from mark bremner on Vimeo.

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