SMART Present "Play Park" & "INTERZONE"

So for one weekend in September the streets of Aberdeen were over run with public art projects. Well two to be exact but both events were facilitated by the SMART Gallery who have had a rather impressive year of exhibitions and shows which resulted in them winning an award at this years Arts & Business Scotland Awards, well deserved too!

So Play Park kicked things off with adult sized games in Rubislaw Terrace Gardens. London's John Walter made a few trips up and created his unique Hattiesburg Chess set which I actually helped to make along with Hattie and was amazed to see the paper mache creations turned into the brightly painted objects for all to play with. The Halucinatory Zoo mini golf course was abuzz with people both days both big and small and Phil Thompsons Hoop-Rarrr put a new spin on an old classic! The park didn't just focus on established artist's but also gave a platform to recent graduates from Grays School of Art who's games had people wearing Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst masks while revellers hurled creamy pies at these art renegades! To round things out they had shed shops featuring work from regular Tea Cosy participants and food stall's with to die for bites. 

And as well as 2 days of Play Park some of the cities main streets were invaded by INTERZONE, giant inflatable sculptures created by Glasgow's Iain Kettles. The INTERZONE sculptures took up residence in the most unexpetced of places with a giant bike lock enclosing the Castlegate monument and a giant red balloon becoming lodged in Martins Lane off the Green. If you missed it then check out the video by FluxVideo below (you can find out what I thought of the events) and be sure to follow Smart Consultants and keep up to date about fun projects and exhibitions coming to Aberdeen!

PLAYPARK and INTERZONE 2013 from Flux Video on Vimeo.


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