Moneyless x Lyken "Forms & Spaces" Italia!

So Glasgow's Recoat Gallery is no more but the team have been busier than ever with main man Mark Lyken taking his collaborations with Italys Moneyless to the next level with Forms & Spaces Italia! In the month of September the team flew out to Italy to follow up the Scottish leg of a collaborative project between Moneyless & Lyken, see photos of the Scottish Forms & Spaces collaborations here!

Walls were scoped out, forms were painted and some amazing spaces were added to, giving them a new life beyond their normal existence. It seems when these two artists come together they form some kind of perfect voluntary combination, working into the walls adding another dimension, a portal which brings the viewer into a world of 2 halves, at odds with each other, one free and flowing, the other strictly regimented and symmetrical yet these forms and shapes work and create a perfect balance.
Its funny to see all the hype attached to Banksy's recent New York work, walls being instantly destroyed or covered over or even worse, being ripped off and sold to the highest bidder. And yet if I could I would happily rip some of these works from the crumbling walls they adorn. But I'm not a cunt!

In fact the trip was paid for by funds raised from a special collaborative print (pics here) produced specially by the artists, limited to 12 x A2 hand finished prints so if I'd really wanted to I could have sold off my Commodore 64 and purchased one. In the last month Mark has also held various online auctions selling off original paintings at incredible prices to raise money for another collaborative project hes currently working on with film maker Emma Dove. You can pick up some amazing original artwork and help the cause here and Gamma Proforma also carry some rather lush prints from both artists, view them here!

If this were a facebook status up date it would say something like "feeling inspired X)" a good feeling indeed! Can't wait to see what comes next from Team Recoat and hopefully ill manage to snag some original Lyken & Moneyless works for my own walls!

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