Candy for the Eyes & Ears # 20! Will Barras & Bonobo!

If your not familiar with the artwork of Will Barras then your in for a treat! Will came onto my radar via Addict t shirts when Will along with Mr Jago and SheOne produced some designs for the label as part of their limited edition Artist Series tees. Addict have actually put me onto some of my favourite artist's and I still covet those t shirts which sit unworn in my wardrobe!

Will creates futuristic worlds filled with his unique characters which seem to flow like liquid but retain a razor sharp edge which is not to be fucked with. Its like an evolution of the Japanese Ukiyo-e style but for a 21st century sci-fi audience. Or you could just imagine what the world is like in Blade Runner / Akira when the cameras are switched off. Haunting yet stunning at the same time, I'm really loving the progression of Will's work and his unique style. Keep an eye on his website for regular updates!

On a musical tip I've been really digging the new Bonobo album, The North Borders. Released in the spring The North Borders has been one of those albums which I listened to a few times on Spotify and I just couldn't get it out of my head and before I know it the mail man is dropping of the vinyl to my house!

The North Borders is a finely crafted album which seems to move at its own pace. Each song is crafted to fit a particular mood and has a cohesion that seems to be rare in modern music. Also the combination of electronic instruments and beats with such a warm production makes every song sound great. Heartfelt electronic music, such a rarity! Lead single "First Fires" features vocals from Grey Reverend (Cinematic Orchestra) and sets a nice dark tone while tracks like Emkay and Know You are a bit more uplifting and take you a place where dance music works minus the club setting!

So if your looking for some new music then The North Borders is my recommendation and just check out the amazing video for 'Cirrus' below! I couldn't even guess how many hours went into crafting that video. The North Borders is available from Ninja Tune and comes in standard 12" vinyl or a special limited edition box set with 7 individual 10" records. All bases covered on this one, good music, good design and good music videos. Oh and you can catch Bonobo live on the 4th of October at the ABC in Glasgow, need to book my tickets now!

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