Antifornia - A Derelict Skate Paradise!

Every once in a while I like to get out on my skateboard and have a cruise about, bust out a few mellow tricks but generally I know my limits, I know how far I can push things and I know that ill never be as good as some of the people I skate with. But being good has never been the real point of skating for me, its always been about the act of getting out, the act of pushing and moving and if you can do a 50-50 here and there then its a bonus. And with getting older even the thought of going out for a cruise can seem tiring but hooking up with a few older skaters this past year has spurred me on a bit and seeing films like ANTIFORNIA reinforces my own feelings about skateboarding and what its all about. Seeing the concrete creations built for one mans pleasure but accessible to all is inspiring stuff. Other inspiring DIY pioneers include Pontus Alv who's own concrete creations inspired some rather interesting DIY spots in Aberdeen. Anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is its good to get out and get rad regardless and to do it on your own terms, as it should be! Roll forever!

ANTIFORNIA - Documentary from Sean Pointing on Vimeo.

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