The Little Kicks "Girl" Single Launch & Lemon Tree Gig!

Local hero's and all round good guys The Little Kicks have been busy since last winter working on material for their new album titled "Put Your Love In Front Of Me" which is due for release in late September. But because that's a long way away the lads have released "Girl" the new single which is available from iTunes and their bandcamp page. Be prepared for some pretty jiving keyboards and a strong back beat. Certainly gonna be a winner when they play it on Saturday at the single launch gig at The Lemon Tree.

It will also be a chance to see the full band who haven't played in Aberdeen since they went off and toured around Europe in April, which sounded like a lot of fun! The guys have promised to play some new songs along with old favourites like Call of Youth and Loosen Up which should have the dance floor going! And if were really lucky they might even pull out a special cover version or two, the b side to Girl just happens to be one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs and it sounds amazing! If you know The Little Kicks then you'll know what to expect and if you don't then pop along on Saturday because your in for a treat!

Full gig details here and check out the teaser video for 'Girl' below! 

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