Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2013 - The Stuff I Missed!

The one's who got away, here's some ECA Graduates who's work I didn't manage to see in real life but through the wonders of the internet I've managed to track em down and explore their work from a distance. 

First up Buwei Hu's rather classical looking otherworldly paintings look like just my kind of strange. They appear to depict scenes from ancient times, Knights of the realm, mythical beasts and wizards! All presented in the highly ornate frames, popular at the time. Its worth having a scroll through the work on Hu's website, some of the frames alone could be works of art!

Next up I would have liked to see the work of Emily Moore. I liked the look of her mountain scapes and straight lines, taking powerful images from nature and combining them with powerful lines which find a perfect balance. 

When I saw the photo for Dagmara Roguska's work I was drawn to her colour choices and use of shapes. The red and gold is quite striking and her concrete cylinders look interesting in their imperfection. I would have liked to see her use of thread and lines in real life but alas ill make do with seeing her photos.   

As soon as I saw Natasha Russel's giant black and white piece I was hooked. Beautiful lines, snakes, symmetry, natural world, landscape, trees, all things I enjoy and Natasha has put them together with real skill. A scroll through her website reveals lots of interesting work, I especially liked this geometric canvas. It would have been great to see her main degree show piece up close but hopefully it will be shown again in the future. 

Next up João Abbott-Gribben's work with its paint splashes and 3D shapes. A bit of digging revealed some interesting projects, I especially like the work in Opticals and the Opticals Installations. I can't even tell if the piece below is real or digital, it looks real and yet others look digital, this is why I should have spent more time looking around the ECA instead of getting sweaty skating Bristo Square!

The final artist who's work I would like to have seen is Soosan Danesh. Her ECA page photo drew me in with its multi tonal, multi strip piece. I like the idea of mismatched surfaces and using wood as a medium. I like how familiar and fence like the shapes become and yet quite abstract through the use of colours, almost making up a language of its own.

So that's the Edinburgh Degree Show kinda covered. I doubt ill be winning any awards for writing about the arts but I don't really give two fucks. Its just good to see new and emerging artists with good ideas and to be able to get some inspiration to finish my own paintings. I doubt ill make it to the Glasgow Degree Show so perhaps ill just do a digital review the same as I've done here! Grays Degree Show opens on Saturday so hopefully Ill get a few more hours to check that one out properly, no excuse really!

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