X Ten Group Show at Grays School of Art!

Gray's School of Art is home to a new breed of up and coming artists, many of whom will go on to fill the endless admin roles required in the Oil & Gas sector, a few will hopefully escape and continue to make work and explore their creative wants. Such is life in an Oil city like Aberdeen, especially after 4 years of study, money is needed and before you know it your stuck in the rut like everyone else. 

However this isn't about what the student's will do post art school but about the people of Gray's who have tutored and mentored them. Artists and makers who have come to sit in the great position of working in an art school and get to continue to make and create while also passing on skills and knowledge to the next generation! Many of the staff at Gray's are well established and well respected arts practitioners and in a switching of the status quo the staff have hosted an exhibition, X Ten, to show off their work. Staff from all areas including Sculpture, Textiles, PeM and Jewellery Design have put forward a selection of works which show just why they work at Gray's. Callum's projection mapped piece looks stunning as do Gavin's glass works. All the work shows the highest level of skill and craftsmanship. I just wish I'd made it over before the show finished to see it up close!

Thankfully Callum is also running the Gray's School of Art blog which is doing a great job of highlighting these pop up events and giving a great insight into what happens at an Art School. You can check out more photos from the X Ten show here and keep an eye on the blog!

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