'The Lure of the Orient' at Aberdeen Art Gallery!

The Lure of the Orient is a new exhibition on display at Aberdeen Art Gallery. Its features a wide selection of works from collections dating back 200 years with items dating back even further. Aberdeen has very strong ties with the East, especially Japan through engineering greats like Thomas Blake Glover, and as was the custom at the time these early adventurers bought up and collected artifacts, forming massive collections which are now on display at Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Artifacts include lacquer boxes with intricate carvings and designs, decorative ceramic roof tiles, the likes of which I have never seen before, truly stunning, some printed works done in the traditional Eastern style and an array of textile pieces. Its hard not to get lost in the details of some of the items, the craft man ship is extraordinary and the age of some pieces is mystifying! The collections will be on display for the next year and I think they might rotate the items on display so it will definitely be one to check and check again. 

The show runs from now until the 1st march 2014 and can be found in the very back of the Art Gallery!

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