Naewye Zine - Issue 1!

Naewye is the brain child of Paul Mullen aka Akiro Studios. Naewye came from a desire to combine local talent with good design and so Naewye was born. A zine which showcases art, design, photography and writing from local creatives but with the added bonus of proper page layouts and a fine attention to detail. 

"Naewye comes in the form of a zine, the aim to explore the creative culture within the city, whilst providing a platform to promote local talent. Only 100 copies of every issue will be printed on the best paper we can use and will be hand numbered."

I was pretty amazed by just how quickly the project wen't from the initial kickstarter &  facebook page asking for submissions to actually seeing the big cartel go live and finally meeting up with Akiro to swap my hard earned £8 for one of the fancy limited zines which came with a special Letter Pressed Card designed by Akiro! And it was money well spent. Issue 1 features design work from Akiro, Cameron Fraser, Stu Awesome of WLD WLVS, Mathew McGregor, Pirate Photography and a host of others you can check out here! I particularly liked Find Me on page 11, no other details are given. If you know Aberdeen tenements then you might recognise the decorative floor tile pattern. Where this particular design can be found I'm not sure but I'm going to have a go at solving this mystery, perhaps the charity shop entrance on King Street across from Morrisons? 

Only 100 copies of the zine were printed and it sold out in a couple of weeks so if you didn't get one then chances are you never will. However, you can submit work for the next issue, guidelines can be found here, make sure you don't snooze on this one because it sounds like its going to be even better than the first issue! And once they sell out again you won't be able to find it Naewye! Sorry I couldn't resist!

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