'Leith in Red & Black' by Tommy Perman at The Red Door Gallery!

I popped into the Red Door Gallery during a recent visit to Edinburgh and found some cool prints on display by Tommy Perman of the band FOUND. The prints on display form a body of work titled Leith in Red & Black, depicting elements of the shops and streets of Leith, an area of Edinburgh which leads down to the docks on the Firth of Fourth.

I haven't really explored Edinburgh that much but seeing the details that Tommy picked out in his prints gave me a sense of the place and the kind of places you can expect to come across, veritable Aladdin's caves, full of the kind of junk you will never need but will always covet, cafes that will sell you the most delicious "bacon rolls, etc" still not sure what the etc could be but I want to find out!. Its the attention to the smaller details, a railing or a stair well leading to places un known which caught my attention, seeing a place he must travel through on a regular basis but still managing to catch these small details and moments of exploration which make visiting new places so much fun but also exposing a little bit of the history and neglect which has fallen on some of the spaces.

Along with the Black & Red prints you can pick up limited edition skate decks produced in collaboration with Focus Skate shop, which features more of Tommy's work from Edinburgh & Glasgow's famous skate spots along with a special series of prints depicting the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome in Glasgow, which FOUND created a special iPhone app for called The Great Cirlce. Its amazing what a little rabbit hole can lead you to, check out more of Tommy's work via his website here and be sure to check out the Red Door Gallery next time your in Ediburgh!

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