Concrete & Graffiti at The Old Rose Factory Part 1!

Recently heard the old factory out in Cults had been bulldozed so thought I'd share some snaps of the graffiti that adorned the walls. One piece that always stood out was the old toilet which had been cleared out and filled with different colour stencils of Goliathus beetles. Being a big fan of natural history and the diversity of life these really appealed to me. Each of the walls was adorned with the bugs but a special blank stencils was sprayed in the old window which had been bricked up. Its a shame that such a cool place has been demolished, a debris filled derelict eye sore to most but a place to paint for others and a building ground for some local skaters who'd shaped ramps in some of the rooms and building one of Aberdeen's best DIY spots! 

Here's a selection of photos from a visit to the factory in June 2009! I have a few more that ill post next week. The struggle continues!

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