'Unfolding' by The Agents of Change at David Boch Gallery!

The Agents of Change recently had a mini group show at the David Boch Gallery in Marrakech. David Boch has played host to some amazing artists, all with a stong graffiti background. The 'Unfolding' show brought together a selection of works from Remi Rough, Derm, Carlos Mare, Jaybo Monk, Steve More & LX One.

Each of the Agent's brought their unique style's to Marrakech with paintings and sculptures adorning the walls and floors of the gallery. Although they come from a traditional graffiti background each artist has carved a new path for themselves which has led to some interesting results, along with other artists in the graffuturist movement they're adding work to the conversation and its an interesting chat at that! I'm not sure what it is exactly that captures my attention so much, perhaps its Remi's incredibly clean lines, Derms use of shape and metal or maybe its LX One's colourful, mind bending geometry? Whatever it is I'm glad they're doing what they do.

You can see some photo's of the artists at work and the opening party via Amelia's photo blog, she also took some great shots of the collaborative mural the guys painted. You can see photographs of all the work displayed via Remi's blog and to find out more about the Agents of Change check out their website! I suggest checking out the Ghost Village project, blew me away when I first saw it!

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