Etsy Finds - The Artwork of River Luna!

I recently joined Etsy and was constantly being amazed by the wealth of cool items made by talented people, from all corners of the globe and working in all mediums. Etsy is like the best craft fair you could imagine except its all on line. And they do this great email service where they highlight different makers with a theme, whether its Spring Time Fun or Natures Larder they just seem to pick things which make me want to spend money!

And one such Etsyier, if that's a word, is River Luna, aka Marisa Redondo. It was her feather prints which first caught my attention, the details and the colours stood out from everything else on the email. After a quick scan at her page I've decided I really like her work and so I wanted to share it. Combining natural elements and putting her own spin on them has led to a rather impressive body of work. Her stick paintings are beautiful yet baffling, how does she achieve such a clean finish? I also love the tree rings and the range of feather designs would work just as well as a tattoo as they do on paper. Is great to find an artist from the other side of the globe who's managed to tap into my taste and just nail it!

If you like her style then you can pick up prints from her Etsy page and keep up to date via her blog. Really inspiring stuff!

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