Due To A Lack Of Exhibition Space..... @ 26 Collective Studios!

So last week I think it was, or maybe the week before I popped down to see Stewart Ross and to get a proper look at his latest exhibition, "Due to a lack of exhibition space in Aberdeen my next show ill be held in the back pocket of my jeans". The opening was a little too rammed and the dj set down at Sopranos was a little on the drunken side but I'd say Stew's second solo show was a great success. 

And it revolved around a great idea, taking the pockets off his old jeans and filling them with art! The title of the show is worth noting as since the changes to Project Slogan there is a real void, a lack of space which accommodates artists like Stewart who's work isn't commercial or main stream, its low fi and quick but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be seen in a gallery context, just that such a middle ground space doesn't really exist in Aberdeen. So he painted the corridor walls at 26 Collective Studios and made that his gallery!

And its looked great, although at the opening the corridor was so busy you couldn't really get into any of the pockets but that's why I popped down again for a closer look. Each pocket was filled with his signature style drawings, many emblazoned with profanities and strange characters which make up the strange world of Stewart Forbes Ross. And I love them! They condense the heart ache and bullshit of life into simple quips which will make you laugh and smile, something that everyone needs if you've lived in Aberdeen for a while!

I believe the show is now done so if you missed it, you missed out. But hopefully this is only the first of many exhibitions down at 26 and with show no 2 under his belt who knows where Stew will go next, hopefully into a bigger venue but whatever path he goes down its sure to be fun! I've filmed a quick interview with Stew about the show but I haven't edited it into a film yet but hopefully that will be coming in the next few weeks to give you an insight into the show from the artist! In the mean time check out the photos below!

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