The Moment Has To Arrive @ City Moves Dance Agency!

The 'The Moment Has To Arrive' was a day long event curated by Conor Baird from Grays School of Art. The days proceedings were focused on visual and performance art, an area I don't really have much knowledge about and one that I've not really bothered to look into until now. I guess with the culture bid kicking off its made me want to dig a little deeper into the cultural activities which happen across the board, my own attempt at joining the dots as there's a danger that the culture bid will stop at 4pm on Friday as that's what the salaried pay slip dictates or that there will be a reliance on makers and curators to bring their cultural wealth to the Aberdeen2017 office when the bid team should be making every effort to get out and attend these kind of events to see for themselves what we have to offer!

And 'The Moment Has To Arrive' was a perfect opportunity. I'd been asked by Peter Mcrae if I could create some audio to go along with a piece he would be performing at the event, I had no idea what to expect! And the performances I saw although confusing all did something or stirred something inside me, an appreciation of the way Laura's water piece made me think about the movement of water and its use as a medium, the nauseating sound and climatic finish to Conor's piece and the fun and engaging nature of Peter's work all helped me to appreciate the day. As for the artist on the stairs who made marks on every tick of a metronome, she really showed what the word endurance means!

Also along with the chance to experience something new I also got the chance to meet new people like Hayley Duward of City Moves, a great dance studio which produces high quality productions and constantly seems to be pushing things forward in their area and welcomed the students from Grays School of Art, showing an open approach to the use of space. I guess its only through engaging and participating in these kind of events that you can hope to gain insight and knowledge about things like performance art and dance. fields which I've never really been drawn to yet when I attend events like this I always come out buzzing and full of enthusiasm. 

The difficulty is trying to get that across after the event, somethings really need to be seen or experienced to get the full measure of them. So next time you see an event your not sure about maybe take a chance, it might not be what your expecting but it might also blow your expectations out of the water! Thanks to Sid for letting me use his photos (see the full album here) to Conor for being so pro active and to Peter for making me his minstrel!


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