Feltmistress Workshop @ Offset57!

I had the pleasure of meeting Feltmistress aka Louise Evans and Jonathan Edwards not once but twice in one day! Although it did involve setting up camera's and recording moving images, the first time for their lecture and the second time to document their monster making workshop which took place in the Offset57 space a few weeks ago. I'm only just making a start on the video from the evening which looked like a lot of fun, certainly the quality of the monsters being produced was very high and everyone who attended seemed to be enjoying themselves! 

But on a serious note I think Nicola deserves a pretty big pat on the back as she has brought some top talents from across the illustration / design field to Aberdeen and given her students both from RGU and Aberdeen College a chance to hear their about their experiences and gain an insight into their World's! I really enjoyed chatting to Jonathan who has 20 odd years experience in the illustration world, has worked with big publications as well as big artist's like Pete Fowler yet he told his stories with wonder in his eye, a man of great talent yet still humbled by his experiences and Louise was hands on and willing to help all even after the long journey to Aberdeen and no supper! Now that's dedication!

But its a dedication matched by Nicola who's organised and run the Offset space. I believe it will be closing its doors again to give everyone a chance to re charge the batteries but keep an eye on the facebook page and show your support, get involved and lets help keep Aberdeen's young designers, as well as a few veterans on their toes and inspired! Although watch out for Neil from WLD WLVS, he seems to have taken on some of the characteristics of his monster!

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