Efterklang - The Ghost of Piramida Screening @ Smart Gallery!

So Efterklang are a band that I've been a fan of for some time and I've always tried to see them when playing live in Scotland and was lucky enough to host one of the private public screenings of their first film, An Island directed by Vincent Moon. The band returned in 2012 with a new album, Piramida and a brand new film, The Ghost Of Piramida directed by Andreas Koefoed.

Piramida is an old coal mining settlement on the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. Its had quite an interesting history which you can read about here if you wish. The three core members of Efterklang paid a visit to the site while beginning to work on their fourth album and the sights and sounds they collected from the trip have influenced the shape and direction the album took. I'd say its probably my favourite record by the band so far and it definitely made my top 5 albums of 2012. Again design due Hvass & Hannibal are responsible for the art work and have captured perfectly the themes and feel of the record.

And now along with Andreas the band have released The Ghost Of Piramida, documenting their experiences on the site but also exploring the rich history that such places exude, gaining first hand accounts of what life was like on the site and exploring the dreams and hopes of the generation who at the time were living in a future that many could only dream of, dreams which somehow went awry. And since we hosted the Aberdeen screening of An Island it seems right to host a screening of Ghosts!

So Saturday 23 March at 6pm, we will be showing The Ghosts Of Piramida at The Smart Gallery located at 9 Albyn Terrace. Spaces are limited to 30 so email info@wearesmartconsultants.co.uk to book your place. Doors will be open from 5.30 so get down early to secure a seat! FB event details here.


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