The Photographs of Gareth Costello!

You might not know this but the reason I started this blog was to highlight how much creativity exist in Aberdeen, a city not really know for its art scene despite a pretty healthy number of artists and makers living here. There seemed to be an apathy when it comes to Aberdeen and the arts and I wanted to try and tackle this and the idea that nothing ever happens, hence trying to promote creative events, helping document the things that happen and also contributing to the cultural landscape by organising events, getting involved and helping to build the kind of healthy creative landscape that so many people crave.

As time has gone on I've found myself meeting more and more creative people both from Aberdeen and further afield and it actually amazes me how much talent this city has. However, its not always easy to find. So I thought now would be a good time to start speaking with some of these creatives, highlighting their work & practices and hopefully giving a little insight into what makes them create! And this creativity crosses many borders including fine art, painting & sculpture, photography, performance, illustration, design and skateboarding!

Once a month ill aim to speak to someone new and post a sample of their work, a short interview and links to their site. These will be tagged with A - Team, have a guess what the A stands for, you will be able to click it in the tags cloud at the very bottom of the blog and see them all. Hopefully it will bring some new faces to your attention and help highlight even more just how much culture exists already, under the radar but adding value to the sector!

So my first guest interviewee is local skater / photographer Gareth Costello. I first met Gareth a few years ago through mutual friends and I've seen his confidence behind the lens grow and grow and now thanks to the internet he's happily sharing snap shots of his many international adventures. Gareth possess an amazing ability to capture portraits of people & places that gives a glimpse into his world but also documents a world that many will never see and brings his own perspective to it, whether its skateboarding in Russia, the colour's of China or the street children of South America. Anyway, that's enough from me, hope you enjoy!

MoC -  How did you get into photography and especially 35mm photography?

GC - My first camera was actually a camera borrowed from my step father, it was his fathers, an Olympus Trip 35. I still have one today. I guess at that age your just snap happy and it wasn't till a few years ago I realised that I wanted to actually make nice photographs and took a proper interest in photography. I don't think there was a catalyst of any kind. I started with film and tinkered with digital for a while until I decided to revert back to film as I prefer the aesthetics. Not much more to it.

MoC - What's an interesting tale behind one of your photos?
GC - So the only photograph that kinda has any tale behind it  is the one with the bus on fire. This was in Moscow when I stumbled across a bus that had literally just caught fire. I had the opportunity to sit there and photograph the whole thing, no one was hurt but the fire brigade took a while to get there. I was convinced I hadn't got the shot that I wanted, I'd just loaded high speed film and thought the grain was gonna be heavy but she turned out ok!

MoC - How has skating contributed to your photography, has it made you look at things differently, find different angles etc?
GC - Skateboarding has been the biggest influence, support and definitely makes you look at things differently. I suppose being a skateboarder would help you understand this. Its all about lines and how we look at architecture and this most definitely has made me compose or frame certain photographs differently. 
MoC - Whats the most interesting place you've photographed and why?
 GC - Thats a hard one Jon. To date, my favourite places I have visited are probably Myanmar (Burma) or NYC. Polar opposites in a sense. I like both these places as they are great for photography, they both have a lot going on. Myanmar has the most amazing people, scenery and the culture is somewhat different to its Southeast Asian counterparts. 
MoC - Where are you off to next and what kit will you be taking?
GC - Im actually off to Romania next week for a friends wedding but I gave myself some exploring time. I will probably travel light on this trip, maybe take the X-Pan and the M6, we will see. I think I might be off to NYC in March and India in April so they will probably make the backpack a little heavier.
MoC - What inspires you?
GC - The things that inspire me is what inspires most I guess, friends, family, skateboarding, good times and a fine Malt.
MoC - Where can people see your work? 
GC - I have the blog and the website which are actually both undergoing big changes, as for exhibitions I have submitted to Art Waste in Vancouver and a friend has asked me to contribute to a wee show in Gothenburg. We will see how that pans out...

You can see more of Gareth's amazing photographs and travel adventures via his website and blog, also you can see some bits on Kaplank Kapow. I'm hoping to work with Gareth this year to get a proper photography show organised in Aberdeen so watch this space and enjoy! Oh and cheers for the future portrait of me at the bottom, looking good!

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