The Artwork of Laura Gee Illustration!

I've been thinking more and more about how I discover art, how I view art and how I investigate new artists and of course the internet is the biggest resource going and the kind of web sites and blogs you follow will all feed into that. But recently I've been finding more and more artists and makers via Etsy. It seems like anyone who is making, creating and trying to make a living from their creativity has an Etsy shop. And I must admit, there's something quite nice about being able to browse using a few key words and seeing the variety of results. 

In the run up to Christmas I found myself searching Etsy quite a bit with the idea that if I couldn't find what I was after in the local independent shops then at least I could try to buy direct from some of the makers. And one of these makers was the very talented Laura Gee. Laura has a knack for creating illustrations which tap into the modern illustration quirky pictures trend but just does it way better than 99% of the people I've seen. I bought one of her beard cushions, based on her dads own beard from her childhood, my bearded Malcolm now lives at my girlfriends house. And her prints and cards share sweet sentiments but not always, some times you need to say "FUCK OFF" and why not do it with a cute leopard!

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