Paws @ The Tunnels!

Aberdeen's finest indie night musos Dirty Hearts Club are back and aren't holding back! Last week saw a welcome return to Sanfu but now on a Friday night as apposed to the regular Thursday slot, guess they've gone and got real jobs too so partying on a school night isn't so viable. Its a welcome return anyway bringing their special blend of indie disco back to Aberdeen. 

But not content with just hosting their regular night the DHC crew are hosting various gigs across venues and this Friday see's FatCat signing Paws grace the stage at The Tunnels. Bringing their own blend of teenage doom to the stage, your in for an interesting night! Support comes from Cats in Capes & Blades with music from the Dirty Hearts djs inbetween. For £6.50 on a Friday night I don't think you can go wrong really! Full event details here.