In Motion Animation Festival @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Something pretty exciting is kicking off at Peacock Visual Arts in a couple of weeks with the first 'In Motion Animation Festival'.

"Peacock Visual Arts' inaugural In Motion Animation Festival presents an exciting programme of short and feature films, curated from around the world and screened at the Belmont Cinema, It will also feature an intriguing exhibition of drawings and paintings by award winning artist / animator Thomas Hicks and workshops for all ages, taking place at venues across the City of Aberdeen."

So the first event will be taking place on Friday 15th February with the opening of the Animation Festival proper and an exhibition of original art work, paintings, drawings and sketch books by Thomas! This will be a great chance to see behind the scenes and to see Thomas process for making his animated films such as his promo for Skunk Anansie

Thomas will also be hosting an Animation Workshop on Saturday 16th February at PVA,  places are pretty limited but you will learn how to make your own animations using traditional animation techniques and computers. The animations will be shown at the Belmont Cinema before the specially selected film screenings curated by Susie Wilson & Thomas!

You can see the full programme here and keep up to date via the In Motion Facebook group page. Sounds good to me!

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