Grays School of Art!

It appears that Grays School of Art are finally stepping into the digital age via the use of social media like Twitter and Wordpress. And this is a good thing! With so many interesting things happening over at the Art School its great to get a glimpse into their world, a world I only touched upon when visiting an ex girlfriend but one which I've always been interested in. To have time to dedicate solely to the purpose of making art would be amazing. And to have access to top facilities and space would be even better!

Anyway, Callum Kellie has obviously been beavering away between helping students to get the sites up and running and they look great, the blog is already filling up with photos of some of the various events like the Habit@ project and fashion pre degree show. I also stumbled upon the 2012 degree show video which I helped film and edit, one of my favourite jobs as I get to spend a few days at the art school and get to see all the work properly. I'm looking forward to seeing what else happens behind closed doors over at grays and I guess I should start getting ready for degree show 2013 along with the students!

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