Dazed Digital - The Uni of Yorke Art Exam!

As part of their Dazed & Confused February issue Thom Yorke special, Dazed Digital have been running some extra's under the title The Uni of Yorke. Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 Class 4  and Class 5 see's him answer questions from some of the biggest musical talents around covering his influences, performance and process for making music, all pretty relevant with a new album from his solo / now band project Atoms for Peace! The final class in the Dazed Digital series is an art exam, by the end of which you will hopefully have created your very own mixtape cover to go with the exclusive mix from Thom himself! 

I only found out about it today so been slow off the mark with this one but I've had a bash and you can see my design's below. The 2nd last one is my favourite so going to pop it in but I did like using the Stanley Donwood art work for the first few designs but wanted to put my own spin on it. If I had more time I would have sprayed up some real life tapes and photographed them but time is running out! Maybe Dazed will recieve a tape in the post soon! Anyway you can find out all the details about the comp here, view the current submissions here so get liking! And if you can tell me what all the symbols on my label stand for then ill award you a prize of some kind!!!

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