My Top 5 Tracks From 2012!

These are just 5 songs that stuck in my head, made me feel good and generally made 2012 a good year for my ears! There's been a lot of good songs and albums this year, too many to mention but I can't wait to see what 2013 will hold! So enjoy the sounds of Kiasmos, Small Black, Apparat, Grimes and Offshore.

I stumbled across Kiasmos via the Erased Tapes site and was intrigued to find out what Olafur Arnalds minimal techno side project would sound like and its pretty much perfect. Slowly pulsing along, its a perfect piece of music for relaxing or getting in the party mood.

My mate Slav put me onto the Moon Killer Mixtape by Small Black. Mixtapes seemed to make of the majority of my listening this past year from Lucky Me and the Nialler9 podcasts but the Moon Killer mixtape was perfect for cruising around on the bike, perfect summer listening!

The Devils Walk by Apparat was actually released at the tail end of 2011 but I only discovered them in 2012 and its grown to become one of my favourite albums. I think albums come along and they become part of your soul, they inspire something new in you and The Devils Walk has done that for me and has become essential listening!

Claire Boucher seemed to come from nowhere and was quickly being touted as the next big thing and rightly so, to a degree. If you like synthy electronica and soft vocals then Grimes should float your boat. But it was actually her artwork for the cover of Visions which first sucked me in and then the music spoke for itself. 

After Ewan's passing I thought it important to get hard copies of his music and managed to track down the Pacer ep and Bake Haus. It's amazing to listen to his music on vinyl, arguably the best way to listen but it blows me away, tracks like Downer and Bake Haus sound incredible, hearing how much work has gone into them and showing just how talented Ewan was. 

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