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'Poster Dog' Competition by Brew Dog!

So today marks the last day of the Brew Dog 'Poster Dog' competition which has attracted entries from some of Aberdeen's best designers! Including my brother and my friend Cameron Fraser. I'm not much of drinker but I really like the Brew Dog ethos and think the owners have created something pretty special, seeing the photos of their share holders opening the new brewery really shows how grass roots is important whether its in the arts or business! 

I thought I'd share my friends designs and a few others that I really liked, voting is closing soon so click LIKE on a design on the facebook version if you LIKE and help pick a winner! Good luck y'all!

'Three Views' @ Junction Arts!

New work from Val Thomson, Helen Forrest and Karen Hadjitofi will be on display from Friday at Junction Arts on Holburn Street. Junction Arts is a small independent gallery space who work closely with emerging artists and makers from Grays and the wider Aberdeen community. I was never really a big fan of landscape paintings until I started spending some time in these remote places depicted and suddenly they made sense and the ability to capture a lonely cottage, a tranquil river or raging coast line is a good skill to have!

I'm sure some nice refreshments will be available at the opening so pop along tomorrow or pop in during February!

'WEE' An Exhibition by David Galletly @ Recoat Gallery!

The next show at Glasgow's Recoat Gallery is "Wee" An Exhibition by David Galletly. David is part of Team Recoat and works under the banner of illustrator & designer, as well as artist. David's work looks pretty tight and will be on display from this Friday (1st February) at Recoat so if your looking for something to do next time your in Glasgow then go check them out! You can also check out some photos from when Recoat paid a visit to David's studio here!

Vibrant Aberdeen Cultural Awards!

There's some pretty good opportunities to get some funding across a range of areas in the creative arts in Aberdeen. If you check out the Vibrant Aberdeen page you can find out a little more information about the funds but there's money available for group initiatives and community focused projects and also for individual creative pursuits! You can download an application form and guidelines here, think I might have a go for a communal run creative shed and £1500 to buy some new paint brushes, just what I need!

TIPA - Performance Festival @ Triple Kirks!

I stumbled across these pics from 2011 on an old laptop and thought they were worth posting. Alastair MacLennan is a performance artist from Scotland who creates rather surreal and unsettling works. Its not everyday you walk past Triple Kirks to find a masked figure putting stones and earth onto a dinning table with a severed pigs head staring at you! I didn't stay for the full performance but what I did see was bizzare but fascinating! The piece is called Pam Amp and you can see some more pics here and a video of another performance here!

Adidas Consortium x Hanon Shop!

If  you didnt know already Aberdeen's Hanon Shop is one of the leaders in not only stocking super rare trainers but also occasionally collaborates with the biggest names in footwear like New Balance and Adidas! For their latest collab shoe the Adidas Centaur x Hanon check out the teaser video from Ricky Gibb below! These will be super limited and drop this Saturday (26th January), available in store at 10am and online at 4pm via Hanon!

adidas Consortium x Hanon CNTR | 26th January 2013 from Hanon on Vimeo.

'AIRPLAY' @ The Market Gallery!

My friend Roos is going to be running a new project called "AIRPLAY" where she will be showing you how to make inflatable sculptures. The classes will be taking place at the Fruit Market Gallery in Glasgow from today (22nd January) until the 26th February! If your not quite sure what an inflatable sculpture is then check out the video below. You can find out full details via the facebook page and via The Market Gallery! Should help blow away those January Blues!
Roosinflate from Roos Dijkhuizen on Vimeo.

Monday Mixtape # 11 - Benji B & Grant Windsor!

This isn't really a mix tape but it is a mix, a pretty cool mix infact. I discovered this one via the Nialler9 blog, a pretty decent source of new music, up and coming bands and general sounds.

"Watch what happened when Benji B, along with conductor & arranger Grant Windsor took to the decks at BBC Maida Vale accompanied by a 16-piece string ensemble re-interpreting the following tracks

Dwele - A.N.G.E.L
Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane
Ossie - Love Crazy
Bok Bok - Silo Pass
Wiley - Highs n Lows
S-X - Bricks
Timbaland - Ayo Technology (Instrumental)
TNGHT - Higher Ground
Kanye West - Clique
Drake - Headlines
Jeremih - All The Time
Raphael Saadiq - Skyy Can You Feel Me"
Pretty cool if you ask me! Enjoy some tunes like you've never heard em before!

WLD WLVS 2013 Tee Drop!

The new WLD WLVS tees are now in the shop, limited to 25 of each design these will probably be gone pretty quick so if you like what you see then I suggest making a purchase asap! I think a Stuawesome, a black on black logo and gold anchor shall be coming my way, gotta put yer money where your mouth is after all! Keep up to date via WLD WLVS facebook!

"Digging For Rain" by Sophie Ormerod @ Grays School of Art!

Digging for Rain is a new body of work by Grays Artist in Residence Sophie Ormerod. The show opens at Garys School of Art on Monday 21st at 6pm. You can check the details on the Facebook event page but the work will be up until the 2nd of February so you will have plenty of time to pop over! I've only seen Sophie's work during her Guest @ Grays talk last year but it looked pretty interesting. Hopefuly the first of many interesting shows for 2013!

Candy for the Eyes & Ears 18! Julian Callos, Ali Gulec & Mark McGuire!

I stumbled across 2 visuals delights in the space of 10 seconds while on the Juxtapoz blog. First up some beautiful illustrations by American artist Julian Callos. The lines, shapes and colours all sit beautifully in each of Julian pieces and just check out the Buster print!

While looking at Julians work I spotted the work of Ali Gulec, animals in space, I'm sold. Some really interesting work exploring some elements which appear in my own work but I don't have any plans for Llama mini bus painting! Or do I?

Audio delights come from Mark McGuire of Emeralds! Its hard to put my finger on it but there's something in the sounds Mark creates that just resonates with my core. It made me think about other music I could compare it to, the prog rock of Pink Floyd but also some of the cosmic rythms of Jean Michel Jarre? Either way its gonna be on heavy rotation in my house while I try to get some ideas fleshed out for some art project!

Surrogate Channels EP by Mark McGuire

The Artwork of Steve Murison!

Steve Murison, sick mother, soul brother and bad ass artist! The first time I met Steve he poured a pint over some football casuals who were heckling a friends band and being rude to an old man. Behind his steely gaze lies an incredibly talented, articulate and loving guy, but his artwork does dance on the dark side.

Steve primarily works with found materials from found boards, wood to house paint, acrylics and marker pen. He uses each tool until they are fully exhausted, probably a pretty important part of the ritual. There always seem's to be a central character, a skull being or skull cat from which an entire aura grows.Steve expanded on this theme with his piece for the Mural Project which saw him go big and produce one of my favourite works from the project.

Where these creations come from I'm not sure. I don't even think Steve knows and that's probably a good thing, he just channels it into these incredible pieces which he usually gives to friends or exchanges wi…