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Out Of Office.....Happy New Year!

Off to the countryside to spend new year in a cottage with good friends. Hope you all have a great new year and all the best for 2013!

Winter Tee Drop by WLD WLVS!

I've been a bit slow off the bat with this one, WLD WLVS have a new line of tees available now, again with designs from local creatives like Stu Awesome. If your lucky you may still be able to get one of the Aye Aye or Keys designs in your size but I know they have been selling like hot cakes so check out sizes on the WLD WLVS bigcartel! Also they have another range of designs coming out sometime soon so keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook pages for launch details and check out the sneak peek of a new design below!

Contour Cafe @ The Green!

Contour Cafe is a new cafe situated down on the Green and looks pretty cool. The lay out and design were created by Callum Barrack, putting his architecture degree to good use! The place looks swish and might be just what the Green needs. I think that's my lunch plans for tomorrow sorted!

Contour Cafe from Matthew David Morris on Vimeo.

An Independent Christmas..... Kinda!

So this year I made a decision to try and get as many Christmas presents from independent shops as I possibly could. The main reason behind this is the fact that not only are the independent shop's struggling but even the once strong high street is struggling, especially with Aberdonians flocking to the new shopping mecca of Union Square when once they would have walked Union Street, Belmont Street and even the 3 other shopping centers who must all be feeling the strain of the new super center. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against the big shops, I understand that if stores like HMV were to shut then the knock on effect is a lot of people looking for new jobs and the Amazon effect continues. But if these mega companies are struggling then what about the small guys, the One Up's, the Junction Arts, The Artists Pads? Shop's which have been servicing consumers and creative communities for years but have been dropped like a deadweight for the sake of saving a few pou…

MoC x BYOB Glasgow 2012!

Apart from being bloody freezing in the back room at the Glue Factory I had a really great time at the first Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) event in Glasgow! 40 odd VJ's, visual artists and video makers got together and set up their beamers covering a fair amount of wall space, roofs, doors and any other space they could find! You can see the full artists list here

For my video I recorded some vj visuals with the Lucky Me Clause Speed Black Athena mix as a guide and the Bones & Money's Truancy mix. It was great to see the weird and wonderful videos and visuals that everyone else set up, the giant rotating eye on the end of the big drum was pretty cool, also if you looked inside the drum and spoke into the microphone you could affect the visuals beings projected inside. The suicidal mice stories gave me a laugh and MWX's mirror visuals looked awesome!

The event also coincided with a group show exhibition which opened in the main studio / gallery space, you can see some pi…