'I Don't Believe In You Either' A Bigfoot Art Show!

I love it when someone posts a link on Facebook and doesn't say anything other than "Tempting if they go on sale!" and when you have a scroll through all you can see are these amazing images! I've only posted a few so you should really check out all the Bigfoot paintings on VisitOffice.com.

So the theme for this group show is Bigfoot, the mythical creature who apparently resides in the World of myths and legends along with Nessie and yet what a fascinating subject he makes! I love the use of old paintings with bold designs painted and screened over the top, the use of tree stumps as a canvas and Ben Barry's Bigfoot disguise is awesome! I wish I had $300 to spare and '8 1/2 Feet of Fabulous' would be proudly hanging in my hall way, alas I will just have to settle for one of the vintage screened postcards (See pic at the bottom).

The show opened at the weekend at The Bold Italic in San Francisco and some of the work is available via the Office Shop with all proceeds going to local charities.You can see some pics from the opening here, just wish I lived a bit closer but this exactly the kind of thing we could be doing. The cogs are turning!

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